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Prayer Journals | USA Custom PadCustom Prayer Journals are often used by people to keep track of their thoughts and list their favorite passages from the bible or other religious texts. Custom prayer journals can be imprinted with the person's name or logos for churches, retreats, bible studies, Sunday school classes or personal religious use.

Prayer journal books make great gifts for babies, children and adults. A baby diary journal can be customized with the baby’s full name, date of birth and an image of an angel. Also, inspirational journal diaries make wonderful wedding gifts for both the bride and groom. Have an image of wedding bells or rings, the couple’s names and their wedding date imprinted onto the journal cover. Teens, women and men in bible study groups can have an image of a cross or organization logo, their name and name of bible study group.

Many churches, schools and colleges order prayer journals for people interested in furthering their religious studies. can help you design and create a prayer journal or a inspirational journal with custom information on the outside cover to the inside pages. The inside pages can have Bible verses, inspirational quotes and pictures, lesson plans and more. We have inspirational journal dairies and blank notebook journals at wholesale prices!

Prayer Journals, notebooks and Inspirational Journal books.
Classic bound prayer journals Personalized prayer journal with smooth covers Inspirational Quote Wrapped Journal Book tan leather prayer journal with lock Dont Quit Wholesale Diaries
Classic Bound Prayer Journals
Item # PJSC1199-0 | NEW!
Price: $7.65
14 Colors | Textured Covers
Personalized Prayer Journal
Item # PJSC1198-0 | NEW!
Price: $7.65
3 Colors | Super Smooth Covers
Inspirational Quote Pocket
Journal Book

Item # PJSC309-0
Price: $17.00
Leather Locking Journal Diaries
Item # PJSC341-0
Price: $39.00
"Don't Quit" Wholesale Diaries
Item # PJSC1036-8
Price: $9.99
Purple Allium Daily Prayer Journals Cork bound prayer notebook British Tan, Red, Blue, Black Premium Leather Prayer Journals Wrapped Leather Bound Journals Blank Leather Inspirational Journals
"Purple Allium" Daily Prayer Journals
Item # PJSC1149-8
Price: $9.99
Bulk Bound Prayer Notebook
Item # PJSC1191-0 | NEW!
Price: $7.95
Premium Leather Prayer Journal
Item # PJSC333-0
Price: $32.95
Wrapped Leather Bound Journals
Item # PJSC308-30
Price: $46.00
Leather Inspirational Journals
Item # PJSC399-7
Price: $27.00
Prayer Journals for Men
Small Italian Style Leather Pocket Diary
Blank Journal Book Classic Leather Journal Calendars Pebble Grain Bulk Writing Books
Italian-Style Leather Prayer Journal for Men
Item # PJSC392-25
Price: $34.20
Small Italian-Style Leather
Pocket Diary

Item # PJSC391-25
Price: $23.40
Small Journal Books
Item # PJSC414-7
Price: $3.76
Classic Leather Journal Calendars
Item # PJSC332-0
Price: $35.95
Pebble Grain Bulk Writing Books
Item # PJSC422-7
Price: $7.33
Large Pebble Grain Journals for Kids
Wholesale UltraHyde Blank Books
Large UltraHyde Personal Journals Custom Leather Letter Size Writing Diaries Elastic Closure Journals and Diaries
Large Pebble Grain Journals for Kids
Item # PJSC421-7
Price: $8.98
Wholesale UltraHyde Blank Books
Item # PJSC412-7
Price: $3.76
Large UltraHyde Personal Journals
Item # PJSC423-7
Price: $5.98
Custom Leather Letter Size
Writing Diaries

Item # PJSC264-0
Price: $54.95
Elastic Closure Journals and Diaries
Item # PJSC424-7
Price: $5.38
Secrets  Blank Diaries for Teens
Custom Napa Leather Journal Covers
Wrapped Leather Daily Log Lined Journals Hardcover Ultra Hyde Notebook
"Secrets" Diaries for Teens
Item # PJSC1057-8
Price: $9.99
Custom Napa Leather Journal Covers
Item # PJSC338-1
Price: $60.00
Wrapped Leather Daily Log
Lined Journals

Item # PJSC307-0
Price: $24.37
Hardcover UltraHyde Notebooks
Item # PJSC425-7
Price: $8.98

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